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Smart Dog - Gus Vs Pool

Even dogs like hanging out by the pool in the summer but poor Gus just can’t stand the heat. So, like the clever dog he is, Gus decides the best thing to do is move the pool indoors…

Love Her ALL The Time

This dog knows what I’m talking about… and they love him for it!

Dogs Love to Give Presents

Maybe one day they’ll learn how to order online and get you something that’s actually useful.

Cute Little Puppy Jumping For Joy

Cute Little Puppy Jumping For Joy

This little puppy is so excited that it’s owner is home.. just a shame the puppy can’t figure out how to go greet her.

Corgi Jailbreak

Corgi Jailbreak

Clever corgi Ferris helps his sister Dot Matrix out of doggy prison.

Dogs Vs Cats - What Your Choice Of Pet Reveals About You

Your choice of four legged companion reveals more about your personality than you might think. It’s not just about dog owners looking like there dogs, you choice of pet tells people a lot more about your lifestyle than you may imagine and this infographic from Hunch will help you see what truths are being shared [...]

Boston Terrier Loves Being Tickled

Touch his chest and he’ll snort — a lot! Hat-tip.

Dog Vs Girl Car Race

Yeah, she may be human but how will she fare racing kids cars against a canine driver?

Who Got In The Trash?

Deciding which one of these two dogs got into the trash can may not require the skill set of Sherlock Holmes.

Dogs Revenge - Instant Karma

This is what happens when you kick your dog! Via.