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Let’s Honor Pearl Harbor Day With… What???

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I can’t decide if this is one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in ages, or just utterly brilliant on their part. We are talking about it, so I guess if it’s a marketing tactic, it worked!


Only In Texas

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At least voting isn’t the only thing that the dead can do in Texas ;)

The Dead Guy Did It

Who Knew Dogs Wearing Boots Would Be So Hilarious?

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This is not something we get to see much of down here in the South, since it doesn’t snow, but apparently way up in the frostier areas it’s common to put boots on a dog to protect their feet from frostburn due to the ice and salt on the sidewalks. We applaud caring pet-owners anyways, but we especially love them when they provide us with hysterical videos of these dogs who take a little getting used to the boots. This is by far the funniest video you’ll see today!

The Curls Get The Girls!

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The curls may get the girls, but this (Pubidome) hair transplant therapy may be going a tad to far just to get a piece of ass.

BTW - I tried the URL in the poster, and there is no website there :(


Juxtaposition Win

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They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This picture has a dirty mind and clearly speaks for itself.



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