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Meanwhile At The Huggies Testing Facility

Paul O'Flaherty 0

I hope we don’t have to resort to these measures when Malcolm moves on to solids.

Creepy Is All A Matter Of Looks

Paul O'Flaherty 3

Let face it - the truth is that hot people can get away with anything…

Star Trek Shows How Your Haircut Changes Peoples Perception Of You

Paul O'Flaherty 1

I’ve wanted to shave my head for years but Sara won’t let me. I guess I’ll try growing a beehive and see how that works.

It Wasn’t Me

Paul O'Flaherty 1

A “who did it” mystery for our readers, and an example of extremely classy parenting. Might also be a case for not letting kids make their own YouTube videos…

So, who did it?

Worth Celebrating?

Paul O'Flaherty 2

The News-Times knows what’s worth celebrating. Right?


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