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Samsung Galaxy Gear - The Next Big Thing?

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Face it, you’ve always wanted a smart watch. It doesn’t matter what TV watching generation you belong to, there’s always been at least one iconic character or show that has featured a smart watch or communicator. For me it was always Knight Rider and of course, Star Trek.  Just imagine feeling like Captain James Tiberius Kirk and calling the Enterprise for help without having to pull a clunky communicator or phone from your pocket?

Such is the Knight Rider-esque promise of smart watches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Check your email, take calls, accept meeting invitations, snap pictures, all without ever having to pull your cellphone out of your pocket. If nothing else, swiping your watch has to be more socially acceptable than pulling your cellphone out at the dinner table.

Eighty years in the making, and it’s finally here. Learn more about what makes the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear The Next Big Thing at the Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page.


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