Samsung Galaxy Gear - The Next Big Thing?

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Face it, you’ve always wanted a smart watch, a cool tablet, a cool phone and, better yet, you’ve wanted them all to work together seamlessly, and provide you with an “always on” experience that is so rarely achieved in today’s plethora of electronics all of which are striking out individually to be the next big thing.

You don’t have to be a celebrity or sports star like LeBron James to know the value of having tech that “just works” in today’s busy world. If you’re like me you’ve got a plethora devices to manage, for yourself and your family and every time your devices just work together, or seamlessly provide that “always on” experience is another few minutes  that we can steal away from the hecticness of it all to spend with out family and loved ones.

That’s what might make the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear the next big thing!

There’s always more to do. As LeBron James prepares to defend his title, watch a day in the life with his family, his team and his city. To learn more about LeBron and join the movement, head to the Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page.

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