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While The Kids Are Asleep, These Parents Pull Off An Amazing Month-Long Dinosaur Stunt

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There’s being a good parent  and then there’s taking it to the next level. These parents really know how to fire their kids imagination and spent the entire month of November pulling off this awesome stunt.

Amazing Stunt

Via: Quickmeme

Kids Today

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Kids Today

I’m not trying to imply that kids today are spoiled, selfish and self entitled, but I certainly wouldn’t disagree with you if you came to that conclusion.

A Great Summer Water Toy

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Wait a minute, is this for kids or adults? I’m not sure the kids need to be playing with this!

Kids Will Put Anything In Their Mouths

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It’s chocolate.. No really it’s chocolate! Oh my god, I hope it’s chocolate!

Home Run Hitler?

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“Home Run Hitler” is the kind of nickname no kid should ever get stuck with, but after seeing this, I think the kid might be out of luck!


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