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What Is Love? (According to Kids)

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This kid has the most awesome idea of what love is, ever!

Direct Hit

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And they say that dogs are a mans best friend? That obviously doesn’t hold true for boys…

Don’t Mess With This Little Girl - Aggressive Teacher Gets Kicked In The Nuts

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I can’t blame this little girl for what she did. I’d probably do the same thing if someone started poking me with their finger like that…

Dad Builds 90 Foot Wipeout Course on Street for Kids

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This dad build a 90 foot ‘ ‘Wipeout’ style obstacle course for his kids and the rest of the neighborhood.

Is this the ‘Dad of the Year’ or Liability Lawsuit waiting to happen?

Family T-Shirts

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Awesomely witty or terribly tacky? What’s your take on this families choice of t-shirts?


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