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Little Constipation Face

Paul O'Flaherty 2

Austin is having a hard time pooping and, OMG… I think his head is going to explode!

Women’s rights?

Amy 0

LOL Where’s my samich?

Chinese Guy Works For The TSA

Eric 0

Chinese guy explains what the TSA will do to you this holiday season and hows how to check for exprosives. (NSFW language)

Warning: Texting Zombies Ahead

Submissions 0

Now, see, I would pay attention to a sign like this.

Star Trek Tok

Paul O'Flaherty 0

It’s cliche but it’s the truth, as an artist you’re songs have never really “made it” until some fanboy (or fangirl) has made a Star Trek video to go along with it. I guess that means that Ke$ha has arrived and that we no longer have to hear about Kirk being in love with the mountain.


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