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Batman and Bane - Hopeless Bromantics

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Bane and Batman are locked in a fight to the death, that is until they realize they have a lot in common. A bromance flourishes. 

Extremely Dark Rambling Knight

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When it comes to interrogations, nobody is darker (or more pointlessly thorough) than Batman.

Sorry for Boutique Shopping - LMFAO Sorry for Party Rocking Parody

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The sequel to 2009′s “Puke in Mouth” parodies LMFAO and doubles as an advertisement for online store Bottica.

Pee-wee Herman Voices “The Dark Knight Rises”

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Jimmy Fallon as Pee-Wee Herman as the cast of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The Dark Knight & 60′s Robin

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What happens when the camp 60′s version on Robin turns up in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight? This may well be proof that superheroes do not need a sidekick and the most gratifying thing I’ve seen all day. You’ll understand what I mean about gratifying about half way in ;)


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