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It’s Britney, Witch (Parody)

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As if Britney Spears wasn’t scary enough without the theatrics!

The “Work B**ch” singer trades in her pop lyrics and dance moves for a faux British accent and a witch’s broom in this goofy Halloween skit, “It’s Britney, Witch!”

Spears partnered with BBC 1 radio host Nick Grimshaw to produce the video. In it, she recites Vincent Price‘s monologue from Michael Jackson‘s classic “Thriller” while sitting on a cobweb-covered throne.

Between reading lines from the spooky speech, she clumsily wields a fake blood-stained ax and talks to a spider perched on her shoulder.

Via Mashable.

If Beer Ads Were Forced to Be Honest - Hilarious Beer Commercial Parody

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Just how fast would beer companies go out of business if they were forced to have honest advertising? While I’m sure most folks would be just fine and able to give up their favorite brew, I’m not sure that the world would be a better place without a few pints of Guinness.

Source: Cracked

Deck Maintenance - Be Carfeul How You Say It

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We have also have problems keeping it dry, but that’s got nothing to do with a New Zealand accent.

World War G

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The whole world will be infected. The whole, fabulous world.

Can Brad Pitt survive this conservative nightmare?

If Songs Were Real

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The Republic of Telly brings us a hilariously Irish  look at what life would be like if songs were real.  Some strong language in this one folks!


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