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Cucumber Pooh

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Something’s really messed up with this plushie. I think Pooh should stick with HONEY.

It Shall Be A Pretty Death

Paul O'Flaherty 2

How does this even exist? Who thinks: “I must hang myself, but the rope must be all pretty and sparkly or it just won’t happen!’?

Try Barbies

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At 13 the only toys she should be playing with are Barbies. Where is this girls parents?

Choreography for Plastic Army Men

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Plastic army men perform in this choreographed dance, animated Spongebob staff writer and pro animator David Fain, to an instrumental track from Portland band Pink Martini.

Introducing the ThrowYo

Paul O'Flaherty 1

The ThrowYo is awesome. It’s just like a Frisbee but for people with no friends. Now even Billy No Mates can play Frisbee all on his own.


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