Moto X - Touchless Control Without The Lazy

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Voice control on your phone is great right? But for someone reason you always have to get hands-on before you can truly get your phone to do everything you want. Most phones are like a big cuddly dog that wants to play fetch but won’t chase the ball until you’ve given them a good rub on the belly first, which is cool in a cuddly, “oh isn’t he so cute and lazy” kind of way, but really - what’s the point? Go fetch the ball you lazy lump?

Sometimes you don’t want adorable slowness, you want the new hotness. You want boundless energy that does what you say, when you say, and without the need for extra fondling.

Enter the Moto X from Motorola:

Moto X is ready when you are. It responds to your voice—no touching necessary. Twist your wrist twice, it becomes your camera. Information quietly appears on the screen—it doesn’t interrupt and it’s battery friendly. Moto X is also the first smartphone ever to be designed and assembled in the U.S.A.

With the Moto X there’s no unnecessary stroking required. Say what you want and get straight to the point.

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