Focus Groups React To Mega Football Ad We Didn’t Make

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If you’re a beer drinker you’re probably partial to a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale ever now and then. I’ve got a mates who simply can’t turn up for a game of Cards Against Humanity without a least a six-pack of the stuff. Now, the makers of Newcastle Brown Ale really, really wanted to advertise at this years Super Bowl (XLVIII, Feb 2) but lacked one or two things necessary to do so - like talent, and permission to actually advertise.

Not to be deterred, they shouted “Bollocks” at the top of their voices and made an advert anyway.

No advert should ever be aired without first going before a focus group, so above we have embedded the reaction of the focus group to the “market changing” advert that they didn’t make. Apparently the focus groups loved the Mega Football ad that they didn’t make, but that may have had something to do with the $300 they paid them to watch it.

Drop along to to check out the ad and share your opinion on the ad they didn’t make.

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