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Juxtaposition Win

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They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This picture has a dirty mind and clearly speaks for itself.


While The Kids Are Asleep, These Parents Pull Off An Amazing Month-Long Dinosaur Stunt

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There’s being a good parent  and then there’s taking it to the next level. These parents really know how to fire their kids imagination and spent the entire month of November pulling off this awesome stunt.

Amazing Stunt

Via: Quickmeme

German Sexual Harassment…

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In Germany sexual harassment is a dish best served hot, and with some broccoli on the side. Broccoli just makes it that much better…

Sexual Harassment Served Hot

How London Deals With Ghosts On The Subway

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I can’t really disagree with the folks who run the London Underground on this one. It’s only fair, right?

How London Deals With Ghosts

Vladimir Putin Vs. Chuck Norris

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Everyone knows how tough Chuck Norris is, but the New York Post ran this bit letting us know why the 4th President of Russia may just beat him in a fight!


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