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Pepsi Puts A Little Extra In Your Shopping

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If Pepsi is putting this in your shopping then you’re clearly shopping in the wrong place - or for the wrong thing!

Jizz In Your Shopping

Worst Hoverhand Ever!

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While we’ve previously demonstrated that Summer Glau may be the ultimate virginity detector, I think this cardboard cut-out of Scarlett Johansson (as Black Widow from The Avengers) may give her a run for her money.

Worst Hoverhand Ever

Decisions Were Made…

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Some decisions were made and priorities were analyzed. I’m not sure that everyone will agree that the right choice was made, but I know that someone had a good time ;)

Decisions Were Made

Life Is Like A…

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And sometimes, when you’re standing tall and proud, they deflate everything with a single look…

Life Is LIke A Penis

Out Foxed?

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Shhh! He’s hunting foxes!

Hunting Dog


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