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Frisky Baboon Gropes TV Reporter Live On Air!

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This TV reporter gets far more than she bargained for when “interviewing” Micky the Baboon. I love how he gives the camera such a great big “pleased with himself” grin!

After All This Time… Always - A Harry Potter Themed Engagement Proposal

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Cute enough to give your heartstrings a serious tug ;)

This is the video my friend Scott Painter and I made of my proposal to my lovely fiance. Andrea is a very big Harry Potter fan and we had even talked about possibly having a Harry Potter wedding one day, but always thought it out of the cards. Even though I have always dreamed of a Star Wars wedding. So I wanted to do something special for her and send her on a Harry Potter themed quest when she least expected it.

I am a wedding cinematographer and am booked most weekends, so when I told her that I had to film a wedding this fateful Saturday morning, she thought nothing of it. Plus, she had plans with our godchildrens’ mom, Erica. Little did she know that Erica would not be meeting her at the door, but instead my friend Scott, complete with video cameras.

Here is the heavily truncated quest of puzzled, trivia, and riddles that she had to solve into order to find me waiting for her at our favorite bar…. waiting with one last surprise.

Hat-tip to GAS.

Deck Maintenance - Be Carfeul How You Say It

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We have also have problems keeping it dry, but that’s got nothing to do with a New Zealand accent.

Lucky Escape - Driver Almost Crushed By Landslide And Massive Boulder

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Keep your eye on the top of the  mountain at the beginning of the video and keep watching after the landslide “explodes”…

Thanks Curtis! :)

Epic Welcome Speech - 2013 Georgia Tech Freshman Convocation

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Welcome to Georgia Tech! You can do that. I am doing that!


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