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Heavy Headline

You may laugh, it’s funny but having a 100 pound scrotum is no laughing matter for Wesley Warren Jr., but you have to admit that it would make real-life teabagging awesome. Wesley Warren Jr. has a huge problem. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Sin City man is asking for donations to help him afford a $1 million [...]

Free Pancakes!

Not only is this the worst headline about the Ohio shootings, but it’s a sad commentary on the priorities of America.

Back Where They Belong

The Hull Times knows exactly where women belong

It’s Good To Be Remembered For Something

I suppose there are worse things this teen could have been remembered for.

Man Dies Raping Woman

Some people would call this poetic justice.

Innuendo Filled Headline

Was this headline about golf pro Paula Creamer simply poorly chosen or a deliberately chosen masterpiece?

A Headline For The Internet

I think somebody may have spent way to long, alone, on the internet before writing this headline.

God Is Such A Perv

God Is Such A Perv

God also asked this guy to run for President!

Hurricane Headlines - They May Require A Proof Reader

Or maybe not. I think they’re doing just fine without one

New York Post Covers Osama’s Naughty Stash

New York Post Covers Osama's Naughty Stash

It looks like buildings weren’t the only things Osama was into having blown! Via (via)