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Woman Claims Her Breasts Made Her Fail Sobriety Test

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I’ve heard of women’s breasts making men do crazy things, but not once have I ever heard of them making you fail a sobriety test.

NYPD Cop Parked By A Fire Hydrant, So Joe Public Gave Him A Citation

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You’ve got to be careful doing stuff like this. I’ve heard it’s enough to get you a solid beating or even a dose of the old pepper spray!

The Police Said He Fell

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That’s some crazy injuries for a 6 inch fall!

The Police are Not Mistreating the Protesters

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They are just helping them grow.

High Speed Puppy Chase - Puppy Rescued On Busy Freeway After Car Crash

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A puppy got loose on the freeway in Phoenix, AZ after its owner got into what looks like a pretty bad car crash.

Around the 20 second mark the puppy decides to lead the police on a “high speed” chase down the freeway.

Run puppy, run!


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