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Nothing Serious Podcast - I’m Gonna Do It With Pants On

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It’s the sex and alcohol episode as Paul, Daniel and Steven discuss teaching women to masturbate, alcohol warnings for women, 8 month long erections, pregnant teen boys in Chicago, police roadblocks, and ugly prostitutes.

Links to all stories mentioned in this episode can be found on the Nothing Serious Podcast site.

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It’s like yelling ‘Hey, watch this!’…it just never ends well.

She Looked Real To Me

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I’ve heard of men being deceived by “fake women” before, just never so many at once…

Russian Policemen Get Chastised By A Civilian

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This Russian civilian is none too happy with local law enforment not wearing their seatbelts and using the phone while in their squad car,  so took it upon himself to berate them.

You know, if you did this in the U.S. you’d probably be tazed and arrested.

I’d Tell Them But They Might Arrest Me

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It looks like it’s not just dumb civilians that drive off with the petrol pump hose still stuck in their car, police in Texas do it too.


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