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How McDonald’s Lures You In

With advertising like that, who wouldn’t be tempted to try it?

Stay Away From the Mexican Food

Somebody had the burritos, and it did not agree with them.

Pop Them In Your Mouth, They Taste Delicious

Couldn’t they have waited until the bulls were finished going to the toilet before chopping them off?

When We Make Orgasm Sounds

I’m disturbed by how infrequently orgasm sounds are actually related to sexual activity.

THE Won Ton Soup

Two men visit a Chinese restaurant for some mysterious Won Ton soup and have a very “When Harry Met Sally” experience, only stranger.

Don’t Steal Food at Work

What to do about the crumb-snatcher at work!

The Secret Sauce

Now you know what the “secret sauce” is in fry batter, how can you say you don’t swallow?


Apparently they are better with gravy. Why do I have a feeling they do most of their sales in Alabama?

War Chicken

Poor chicken, sacrificing himself for the greater good!

The Bunny Grahams Centipede

The Bunny Grahams Centipede is far cuter than, and far less likely to make you vomit that the human version.