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WTF Sounds Delicious

What’s the flavor of this cereal? Who knows? Who cares?

No Thanks, I Take Mine With Sugar

I don’t care how many Alabama football games this guy has been to, I’m not drinking anything that he offers me.

Who Has the Best Pizza?

Best pizza place name ever.

Sounds Painful

Finally a plant that provides you with an excuse you could the next time your wife asks you where you got that rash….

Butt Drugs!

Butt Drugs!

The folks in Corydon Indiana have butt drugs and they and very happy about it..

A Special Type Of Sports Bar

Looks like the kind of place you where you might want to use the back entrance so as not to be seen.

Dick Liquor

Dick Liquor

My boyfriend went WHERE?!?!

Name Tag Win

Wonder what the other one is called.

I Got Poison Ivy

I Got Poison Ivy

I think I must be doing something wrong! Via.

Jed Has The Most Awesome Name Ever

Win, win, win, win, win! Best parents ever!