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Political to the Very, Very End

For some people politics are just something to talk about, for others, it goes FAR deeper.

Congressman John Fleming Sources An Onion Article As Fact On Facebook

To be fair to Republican Rep. John Fleming, the Onion has managed to catch even us out on an occasion or two, but then again we weren’t quoting sources in an attempt to remove a woman’s right to choice.

What Politicians Believe The Internet Is Composed Of

If only they realized that things are actually so much simpler, and everyone speaks like a pirate.

Put It Where Our Mouths Are…

Iowa State Representative and Speaker of the Iowa House Pat Murphy might want to pay more attention to what comes out of his mouth before suggesting we put things in ours.

What if Global Warming is a Hoax?

I’ve always laughed at the idea of global warming being a big hoax, but would it really be that bad if it was?

Canada Wants To Run For President Of The United States Of America

Canada is throwing it’s hat into the ring for the 2012 presidential elections.

Monopoly Is An Old Game

Apparently some things do actually change…

Ultimate Ear Protectors

I need a set of these every election season and every time some starts spouting off about how creationism needs to be taught in school.

Keyboard Cat for President!

Finally a candidate I would vote for. Keyboard Cat 2012!

The 99% Right Now

I think this pretty much describes most Americans these days, party lines be damned.