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Facebook Or Psyche Ward?

Can you tell which statements were made as Facebook updates and which were blurted out randomly in a psyche ward?

No Facebook In Santa’s Workshop

They used to have it last year, but then this happened.

She Has No Idea What She Wants

But then again, it’s been my experience that women always know exactly what they want until they change their mind in 5 minutes time.

But It’s a Different Kind of Cheating!

You’ve got your cheating, and then your cheating-cheating…

There’s Something About A Guy In Uniform…

You’ve got to love those stereotypes and double standards.

With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies

I really hope that’s not what it looks like or this will bring a new meaning to getting shit-faced.

But I’m Wearing Shoes…

Poor Lydia. She obviously hasn’t been on the internet long enough.

Racist Seat Sniffer

Not very often that we hear about a female seat sniffer…

New Facebook Meme

Here’s one to entertain your friends with today.

Sex Tip For Women

How to give the perfect handjob.