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Too Late

Too Late

Looks like they closed the barn door after the horse got out.

Let’s Think About That One

Rumor has it this was posted at a college, I fear for America’s youth.

No Trespassing

Personally, I wouldn’t chance it. Do you hear banjos?

Do Not Try On the Condoms

Its a little disturbing, because you know for the sign to be there, someone had to have tried it. (Then again, maybe lack of trying on is why every guy out there claims he needs Magnums? Ladies, you hear me on this one!)

No (Pedo)bears Allowed

I wonder where they found this image that they didn’t realize it was Pedobear?? Still, better all Pedobears stay outside anyways.

Is This Really a Problem?

Is this something that happens so often we need a sign?

Why Even Bother Helping The Poor?

Why Even Bother Helping The Poor?

How can I even begin to expound upon the ways in which this church sign fails?

No, This Wasn’t Taken at a Walmart

This sign came from Best Buy, which may be why their customers actually understand the concept of an express lane. You hear that Walmart? You hear that??

I Didn’t Know Dogs Could Do That

Guess we’ll have to start treating anybody who owns a dog as a potential terrorist now!

Always Choose Quality

Always Choose Quality

Never choose anything less than the very best(and biggest).