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Tie Me To The Bed

Tie Me To The Bed

You’ve got to be careful what you wish for ladies… You just might get it!

This Will Not End Well

If his team scores again, there is no way he’s getting out of there alive.

Beyond Huge

Beyond Huge

And it looks like he’s feeling every bit of it.

Georgie Hincapie’s Leg After Riding 15 Editions Of The Tour de France

Dang, this can’t be healthy. It looks like his intestines slipped down into his leg!

Glad I Never Took Up Wrestling

So glad we were never made to do this in school… instead we were encouraged to play hurling and beat each other with sticks. Via.

Soccer Sit-up Prank

Soccer Sit-up Prank

Oh those crazy, evil Germans and their ass humor!

Gravity Defying Baseball Bat

“It would never happen in a hundred years!” Hat-tip.

Coping A Feel At A Celtics Game

This dude is coping a fine old feel of ass at a Celtics game…. just not quite in the way you might expect! Source?

King Of The Hill - Japanese Style

This is Boutaoshi, the Japanese version of King Of The Hill, where you stick some dude on top of a wooden pole and then lets hordes of dudes beat the crap out of each other in an attempt to protect or get one of their guys on top of the pole. Don’t expect this to come to American [...]

I Broke My Leg! I Broke My Leg!

So, this guy Terrell breaks his leg while filming for the Gypsy Caravan 2our BMX video and remains cool as heck afterwards despite some very NSFW language. I love how he flops it around for emphasis!