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Soccer Sit-up Prank

Soccer Sit-up Prank

Oh those crazy, evil Germans and their ass humor!

Coping A Feel At A Celtics Game

This dude is coping a fine old feel of ass at a Celtics game…. just not quite in the way you might expect! Source?

How You Know You May Have a Weight Problem

When your ass has an ass, it’s all downhill from there. But hey, at least he doesn’t have back boobies!

Hey Cats

It’s amazing the sense of bravado that can stem from being behind a solid piece of glass.

Horse With An Itchy Butt

The mystery of how an animal with 4 legs and no hands scratches it’s own itchy arse is finally solved.

Wrong Search Bar?

Nothing better than telling your acquaintances exactly what type of porn you are looking for.

Worms In The Rear

This could all have been avoided if they had just wiped properly.

Walking Disco Ball?

Yeesh. There REALLY should be a weight limit on spandex. (*love the guy on the right’s expression btw LOL)

Their Ass

Their Ass

It’s open 24 hours.

A Facebook Trend We Could Get Behind

After being thoroughly schooled on how being ‘aware’ of an issue is important even when taking no action about it, we here at Daily Shite have found a cause we can get behind.