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Wheel Of Life

Do you ever stop and wonder just why we do it? What’s the point at the end of the day?

Common Career Distortions

We all aspire to be something better, but some of us allow our aspirations to bleed a little to far into reality.

Just A Dark Room

You’ll know when  you’ve watched a really good horror movie because this always happens. Sleep tight!

I’m Not Arguing

I need this as a poster for my office wall. At least four times a day it would save from me having to explain that I’m not arguing. I work from home.

What You Do When You Like Someone

Act suave and say something witty… Go on, I dare you!

As Good Looks Increase

It’s really amazing how many facets of a persons life are directly tied to their looks.

The Actual Contents Of Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is the internets favorite resource for strange slang terms, but how does the content actually stack up?

If It Hasn’t Happened By The 4th Date

Then she’s probably doing the same thing to other guys on nights when she’s “washing her hair”…

Every New Years Party Ever

Somethings are as predictable as bible thumpers knocking on your door ridiculously early the morning after a killer party.

All Men Are Not Created Equal

Seriously ladies. I am not responsible for your bad taste or choices.