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Cool Shirt

I want one of these, just to see people’s reactions.

I’d Be Afraid Too

I'd Be Afraid Too

Be very very careful. She looks hungry.

The Real Crazy - Looking For Directions And Spitting On Nazis

Nothing to see hear except a crazy woman singing as she walks down the road and spitting on passing nazi joggers as she asks for directions.  You know, the kind of person who lives next door… NSFW language.

Caption This - Court Room Shenanigans

I have no idea what is going on in this courtroom but I’m sure you guys can provide us with some interesting suggestions… Hat-tip.

Bad Sign Placement

She strikes me as the type would be ‘exit only’.

Photoshop! You Know You Want To!

There is just no avoiding it. What must be done, must be done!

You Don’t Always Get What You Ask For…

You Don't Always Get What You Ask For...

Especially when asking for naughty pictures of girls on the internet!

Completely Worthless

There’s no beer in that fridge! I mean seriously, no beer, no soda even! What gives!