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I love to make people laugh, and very little offends me. I seem to be missing that filter that most people have that pertains to subtlety or humor so I figured what the hell, I'll put it to good use ;)

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Awesome Halloween Light Show

Time’s running out to start decorating your houses for Halloween because the bar has been set pretty high by these guys. Seriously cool!

A Very Important Public Service Announcement Regarding Robots

Don’t let this happen to you. Or your grandmother.

Mailbox Mix Up

Eh, his letters were probably shit anyway. *ba bum psht!*

Bullying has got to STOP

Poor Dylan. Dammit, if some poor guy has a large penis, it is not his fault! Instead of bullying him, maybe reach out and ask him to be your friend. You never know, he might just be the best friend you’ve ever had.

Renee Zellweger’s Sour Candy

Renee Zellweger's Sour Candy

So THAT explains it! She’s just advertising!

Trick Shot Doc

Trick Shot Doc

So THIS is why we’re stuck out in the waiting room so long! (save your ‘fake’ and ‘gay’ comments folks. We know it’s a parody)

The Cost Of Movies

Seriously folks. STFU.

A Day Made Of Glass

A Day Made Of Glass

This is Corning’s vision for the future titled “A Day Made of Glass” WOW. Is this really a glimpse of our future?? Some find this a little freaky. I think it looks AMAZING. I wonder if I can buy stock in this company..