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Jane is all of the following and more: absent-minded professor, writer, social media maven, internet liason/watchdog, empty nest mommy, grammar nazi, and education advocate.

Twitter: @Mamacita


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School Uniforms? In Your Dreams.

School Uniforms?  In Your Dreams.

I want to go to this school.

Everyone Welcome Here. Seriously.

Everyone Welcome Here.  Seriously.

STD’s got parents?

Don’t Forget Your Back-To-School Condoms!

Don't Forget Your Back-To-School Condoms!

Darn right.

God Says, “Take Your Meds!”

God Says,

The voice in your head isn’t always who you think it is.

Back to School Knife Sale

Sadly, in some schools, it would be as important as pencils. Sigh.

Back to Where?

Back to Where?

Hire more educated people. You know, like, people who’ve been to shool?

Best Street Sign EVER!

Best Street Sign EVER!

All street signs should be this honest.

Testicle Festival

Don’t miss the testicle festival. You’ll have a ball!