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Even Santa is Feeling the Economic Downturn

Looks like the jolly old man has had to pick up a second job to make ends meet. It’s not cheap making all those toys for millions!

Frosty The Snowman Loves Santa

No, you don’t get it… he really, really LOVES Santa…

Um, Santa’s got no pulse

Um, Santa's got no pulse

I can just imagine how it went. “Uh, Dave, I dunno how to tell you this, but Carl died in the car on the way over.” “Well shit, prop him up anyway man, we got a line of paying customers out there!”

The Santa Clause (Pedophile Version)

Don’t let that jolly laugh, red suit and bag of toys fool you. Tim “Santa Claus” Allen is one creepy dude!

Santa Fett

He’s coming to blow shit up.

Santa Claus During The Summer

Santa Claus During The Summer

So this is what Santa does during the summer months away from the North Pole.

Kevin Bloody Wilson: Hey Santa Claus (NSFW)

*Song contains strong language. Not suitable for work (unless you work with us) and definitely not to be played in the presence of kiddies.* Now this is Christmas music. Break out the eggnog and brandy and the baseball bats!