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Hey Google! Is It Normal?

Probably not, unless you’re a lesbian, vampire mathematician looking to solve the problem of a perpetual food supply.

What Would Happen?

This kinda blew my mind, and reminded me of those old Spy vs Spy cartoons in Mad Magazine.

Work vs Home

Autofill at work vs home. You know yours looks like this too.

The Key to Greatness

Better to ask forgiveness than permission?

Worst Yogurt Shop Ever

I bet the yogurt wasn’t even cold! Ewwwww!

Google+ Vs Facebook

You’d better listen to Tom, Mark! He knows what he’s talking about!

Google+ Circles You Will Actually Use

Need some inspiration in sorting your friends on Google+? Here’s some circles to get you stated!

Zuckerberg Called That One Right

Zuckerberg Called That One Right

With Google+ proving to be more popular than anticipated, it looks like Zuckerberg may have been right about that one after all! Burn!

The Tech World in a Nutshell

The Tech World in a Nutshell

It all goes back to Microsoft in the end. Via

Celebrity Web Browsers

Celebrity Web Browsers

Pretty close… Betty White is always reliable. Source.