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Superman in London

Superman in London

I don’t think that was the call box he was expecting!

Criminals Beware!

Stopping evil with the power of sheer cuteness!

Superman Visits The UK

Aliens attack London and Superman finds himself with an unexpected onlooker. Via. (Original Source?)

Batman Vs Superman - An Analysis Of Abilities

Batman Vs Superman - An Analysis Of Abilities

Batman or Superman? Who’s the better superhero with the coolest abilities? Source.

Kneel Before Jobs

Kneel Before Jobs

First General Zod… Kal-El will be next… Via.

The Real Super Bowl

With Wheaties of course.

Save Me

Why, oh why won’t anybody save me? Via Maneggs.

The Secret Origins Of Santa

Who would ever have believed that Santa was an alien from another world…

Sex In The Cinema!

It’s coming soon to a movie theater near you!

Be Careful Messing With Squirrels

Gives a whole new meaning to flying squirrels. via Great White Snark *Have you entered to win the Zombie Vader print yet??? (Think Christmas!!)