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Um, Santa’s got no pulse

Um, Santa's got no pulse

I can just imagine how it went. “Uh, Dave, I dunno how to tell you this, but Carl died in the car on the way over.” “Well shit, prop him up anyway man, we got a line of paying customers out there!”

The Secret Origins Of Santa

Who would ever have believed that Santa was an alien from another world…

Ozzy Claus

Even head-bangers love Santa!

Do NOT call Dumbledore Santa

He will cut a bitch.

Wikileaks Publishes Santa’s Naughty List

I’m really hoping these kids are working on bad information, or we here at DS are screwed!

Zombie Santa

Zombie Santa

Damn Santa. You’re not lookin’ so good buddy.

Jack Bauer vs. Santa

The following takes place on Dec 24th between the hours of 10 and 11 PM.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Is it just me, or is this kid just a little too excited about meeting Santa?

Santa Likes It Hot

Step aside Ms. Monroe.

Stranger! Stranger!

Stranger!  Stranger!

Ho, ho, ho, kids.  Come sit in Santa’s lap. Can you feel my magic finger?