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The Magic Button

The Magic Button

I’d bet money it was a guy who asked about the love button, they never know where to find it.

Beer Or Love?

Now what kind of a choice is that really?

White Trash Love Story

Aww… The trials and tribulations of young love!

Heart vs the Mind

The brain looks to have things under control for the moment, but we know who eventually wins out…

It Takes A Lifetime To Forget Someone

Or, you know… maybe not!

Dragonfly Love

Dragonfly Love

Really neat picture of two dragonflies. Can you just hear “Let’s Get it On” playing in the background?

Excellent Advice

Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.

Why We Love Ireland

The only issue I have with the images is that they are called “pubs” not “bars”.

You’re So Beautiful!

They say love is blind - for dogs this is certainly true.

Epic Wedding Cakes

Epic Wedding Cakes

Aliens: Sara and I are gonna get this for Paul’s next birthday just to watch steam come from his ears. Hey, I bet he’d enjoy cutting into it though. Yes, that’s really a cake: Zombie Wedding Party: Futurama Crash: Ghostbusters: Vanity so ridiculous it’s almost impressive: For the truest of geeks And just a few [...]