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WTF Wedding Picture of the Day

Unless Tyson paid for their wedding, I can’t begin to think of the reason for this.

Flash Mob Wedding Proposal

Every time I see something like this I can’t help but wonder - what if she says no?

The Wedding That Wasn’t in Alabama, But Could Have Been

Submitted to us by a source who wished to remain anonymous, we have been assured that despite how it may look, this wedding did not in fact take place in Alabama. To quote the source, ‘Nothing says love like camo dresses and crossbows!’. Our best wishes to the happy couple.

Epic Wedding Cakes

Epic Wedding Cakes

Aliens: Sara and I are gonna get this for Paul’s next birthday just to watch steam come from his ears. Hey, I bet he’d enjoy cutting into it though. Yes, that’s really a cake: Zombie Wedding Party: Futurama Crash: Ghostbusters: Vanity so ridiculous it’s almost impressive: For the truest of geeks And just a few [...]

The Mother in Law From Hell

Apparently an email to a bride-to-be from her future mother-in-law made it’s way around the world after the old bag decided her daughter-in-law needed a lesson in manners. You think your mother-in-law is bad? Chances are she has nothing on this one!

Feminist Wedding Dress

I’ve seen some weird wedding gowns in my time, but this one takes the cake (and then does dirty, dirty things with it).

Coolest Wedding Ever? Quite Possibly.

I have to admit, I’m a little jealous. Our wedding was kick-ass awesome, but this has even ours beat. You can’t go wrong with a Star Wars theme.

Honey, We Need To Have A Serious Chat

When your fiancé sits you down to have a “serious chat” about the wedding you have every right to be nervous. Things may well be worse than you think….

Shitty Scottish Wedding

Stolid traditionalism can really lead to the shit hitting the fan. Via.

The Royal Wedding, Now With Way More Awesome

What it looks like they said, even if it really wasn’t. If the wedding had been this awesome I might have actually watched it!