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Revenge Is Going To Be So Sweet

If they don’t turn around soon they’re going to be joining that bear they killed.

Like a Boss

Like a Boss

Best revenge story ever.

An 8 Year Old’s Revenge

An 8 Year Old's Revenge

Don’t mess with an 8 year old - they’ll get nasty… you will lose!

Moms Revenge

And he used to pick his nose and eat it too…

Sweet Revenge

Kitteh was full, now is empty

Maths Can Be Fun

And you thought writing out cheques was a dull chore! Guess it’s not when you’re a pissed off engineer and you want to get revenge on Verizon.

Best Divorce Letter Ever

If it’s real, I truly hope this man wore a bullet-proof vest for at least a year following this letter.

Revenge Is Sweet

What can I say? Revenge is a dish best served piping hot and fresh from above (Source)

Hardly Working: Sarah’s Revenge ( NSFW )

Hardly Working: Sarah’s Revenge ( NSFW )

Okay it’s not our Sara, but her ideas for revenge are almost as good… The guys in the office go to far in their banter about women, so Sarah decided to teach them a lesson… This video may not be suitable for work due to copious use of the bleeper!

Batman Finally Gets What’s Coming…

The Penguin has finally succeeded after all these years and pwns Batman. Via incoherentmusings