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Back In My Day

I am one of those old farts for whom everything was “harder in my day”…

Fire Danger High

They didn’t say what was going to be on fire.

Moving to Canada

This is why I want to move to Canada!

Snow Jabba

Where is Princess Leia?

Controlled Avalanche Fail

Controlled Avalanche Fail

In Russia’s North Ossetia region the military use artillery to start controlled avalanches. This time, they might have been standing a little close… Hey Ivan, that snows getting awfully close. Don’t worry abouot it! It’s just snow. Have another Vodka! I think I’ll just go stand over here… Hat-tip.

That’s One Way The Crap Out Of Your Kids?

When it comes to scaring the crap out of his kids, this dad deserves the award for sheer effort. While some fathers were off building kick ass snow slides for the kids, this one was trolling and laboring to ensure his kids never have a good nights sleep again! Via.

Skier Falls Off Cliff, Captures Fall On Helmet Cam

Just an FYI: Helmet cams are not just for capturing yourself being awesome, as proven in this instance where a skier captures himself tumbling down a rock cliff face before coming to rest, seemingly unharmed, in the snow. Via.

Amazing Snowman Slide

Another candidate for father of the year as Ricky Reich spend over 8 hours building this huge snowman slide for his daughter and neighbors to enjoy in South Lake Tahoe.

Swan Dive Fail

2 in 1 fail as this disastrous swan dive attempt garners us an entrant into the annoying  laugh of the year awards!


Humans aren’t the only animals that can adapt their environments to suit themselves.