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Father of the Year - Halloween Edition

Just a father and son spending time together on Halloween…

WTF: I Breastfeed My Dad

I need to bleach my brain after seeing this. Apparently, even though he feeds directly from her breasts, there’s nothing sexual about it at all. You know, because a breast pump would just be too much hassle. Via.

Amazing Snowman Slide

Another candidate for father of the year as Ricky Reich spend over 8 hours building this huge snowman slide for his daughter and neighbors to enjoy in South Lake Tahoe.

Can You Blame Him?

Can You Blame Him?

I might have done the same thing is his situation.

Kid Demonstrates How To Make A Towel Horn

“Father of the year” lets his son demonstrate how to make a “towel horn”! I’m still mopping the coffee off my screen….

Put THIS On Your Lightsaber

Translates to (of course): “I will not be your father”.  I had no idea that Darth Vader was such a proponent for safe sex.

I Think You Would Make A Great Prostitute

Now that’s fatherly encouragement or you. Encouraging and supporting his daughter no matter what she wants to be

Darwinism Fail

Darwinism Fail

Why are people this stupid allowed to continue breeding?

Father Ted - An Ecumenical Matter

Father Ted – An Ecumenical Matter

Classic! Father Ted attempts to prepare Father Jack for the impending visit by Bishop Brennan. Will he succeed?

The Maury Povich Home Paternity Test

The Maury Povich Home Paternity Test

Just think how many of those ‘You are not the father!’ scenes could have been avoided with a simple home test!