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Pen Warning

Pretty solid advice there.

Warning Label

What would your warning label say?

Needed Facebook Warning

Some people are just into causing themselves pain. Maybe a warning would make them think twice.

Cop Warning

I wish all businesses were so considerate!

I’m Tempted to Test It

I'm Tempted to Test It

Where are they going to get an angry mob on such short notice???

Earthquake Early Warning By.. THIS GUY

He does such a great job warning the folx of a up and coming earthquake. Herp Derp Eaarthwuaaakkw!!

The Invincible Ungulate

Invincible mooses meese meeses moose! Run away!

Warning… Keep Back from Platform Ledge…

Warning... Keep Back from Platform Ledge...

Why is there not a line forming?

Internet Warnings

So much trauma could be saved if this handy chart just came as a standard part of Windows.

In Case of Fire, Do Not Twitter!

It’s sad that people even need this reminder, but I doubt anyone is too surprised to see it.