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Currently on the run from the Scottish Mafia, John spent 17 years in the arctic tundras of Canada, before heading to the deep South of Georgia, where he passes of his thick, celtic brogue as a sinus infection.

Twitter: @inkedwriter


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Flipped Out Soccer Celebrations

Please note that despite the tumble by my fellow Scot, Stuart McCall, he does our country proud by refusing to drop his beer

Jurassic Park 4 - Pre-School Massacre

Come on, how many of you were hoping that thing would carve a chunk out of one of those snot nosed bastards?

One Ballsy Kitteh (NSFW)

I may not haz cheezburgers, but I do have deez nutz.

Facebook Jail

Twitter is my cellmate, and Stumbleupon is the dude I buy my smokes from. Source?

Dolls Are Creepy

These dolls make Chucky look like Scarred Barbie… “Alma” is a creepily brilliant little movie

Charlie Sheen In Peanuts

Charlie Sheen In Peanuts

When Charlie dies he’s gonna have to donate his body to science fiction..

Birds Want Squirrels Nuts

Get your mind out of the gutter! We’re not talking about cross species sex, instead this is what we thing the National Geographic Channel would look like if Alfred Hitchcock were the program director.

Dirty Harry Potter

Go ahead muggle, make my day.