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Have You Ever Wondered?

It might just have been because I was actually drunk the whole time… or maybe that is just how I coped?

How Drunk Can You Get At Your Office Holiday Party?

It can be difficult to know just how drunk is socially acceptable at your office party but, with this handy dandy guide you should be able to figure out just how wasted you can get without having to feel embarrassed when you come back to work.

Cute Pug - Sleepy Or Drunk?

Cute Pug – Sleepy Or Drunk?

This little pug is determined not to fall asleep and ends up looking like a lush in the process.

Please Don’t Take Your Dog To The Pub

Please Don't Take Your Dog To The Pub

Dogs may be hilarious drunks but they really can’t hold their liquor.

Drunk Guy Vs. Punching Bag

There can be only one victor in this contest.

Perfect DUI Score

Perfect DUI Score

Man, he almost got outta that one. Riiiiiiight until he blew it at the end. But hell, sober or not, someone put this man on Broadway!

Most Original Way to Fool a Breathalyzer

Most Original Way to Fool a Breathalyzer

Drunken logic- he haz it.

Finally A Good Use For CCTV - Filming Drunk People!

Thanks to the wonders of Londons CCTV network we’re treated to this hilarious video of a rather acrobatic drunk that was thrown out of the theatre awards bash, hosted by Stephen Fry, after he fell over in front of guests including Sir Ian McKellen and Liam Neeson. (How dare he fall over in front of [...]

Drunk Voicemail - 3 Pound Squirrels?

Redditor HisFriendEvan has a friend that has “been saving my drunken voicemails to him so that he can animate them later.” Normally we would call that friend out as being a bit of a prick but… we can’t fault him because the internet loves listening to other peoples stupid drunk voicemails.

The Bad Drunk’s Guide to Partying

With the aid of this handy flowchart you’ll go from sober to drunk asshole or agony aunt, with the minimum of fuss and the maximum amount of violence and vomiting. Source.