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Maury and Darth Vader

How he really found out Luke was his son…

Darth Vader - Forever Alone

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like you’re the only dude in the empire and the entire galaxy is against you… Via.

Star Wars Goes Gangsta

Star Wars characters get gangsta for a little pimpin’ while not traversing the Galaxy. The harsh art of Nicholas Hyde. Han Cholo: Boba Phat: Chewpac: Darth Fader: Luke Cripwalker: OG1 KenobiDJ BrodaDroidz:

WTF: Steve Buscemi Vader Tattoo

While this tattoo is truly a work of WTF, I’m busy trying to imagine what the Star Wars films would have been like if Vader had been voiced by Steve Buscemi! It’s a mash-up that somebody HAS to do, right?

The Death Star Was My Idea

The Imperial Empire thinks Microsoft is awesome. So awesome in fact, that they decided to reboot the Windows 7 ads for their own campaign — The Death Star was MY idea. Death Star: Stormtrooper Death Star: Darth Vader Death Star: Chewbacca

Alderaan-Five day forecast.

I think it will be hotter on day 3 followed by permanent coldness.

What Baby Emerson Was Really Scared Of! (Parody)

Remember cute baby Emerson who was so afraid of his mom blowing her nose? Well, we’ve found out that it wasn’t actual his moms nose he was afraid. Watch and you’ll find out

Ewoks Roasting On An Open Fire

Ewoks Roasting On An Open Fire

Oh c’mon, you know you found those furry little fuzz butts annoying too..  Maybe not Jar Jar Binks annoying, but what really could be? Via.

Day Of The Star Wars Dead

Day Of The Star Wars Dead

John Karpinsky’s created this tribute to celebrate the characters and phenomenon that shaped his  youth, in a similar style to the sugar skulls made to celebrate the dead on Día de los Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead). Via.

Club Villain!

Fancy parting with Voldemort and Vader? You need to go to Club Villain!