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Dumbledore Answers to No One

Dumbledore Answers to No One

Because he’s Dumbledore, that’s why.

6 Year Old’s Letter To Dumbledore

6 Year Old's Letter To Dumbledore

This is so adorable I almost squeed myself. “Say Hello to Doby and Snayp” - So cute and obviously a Slytherin!

Yo Mama’s So Fat

Dumbledore is pulling out the big guns, busting out the yo mama jokes on Voldemort!

Do NOT call Dumbledore Santa

He will cut a bitch.

Harry Potter Puppet Pals!!

Harry Potter Puppet Pals!!

Harry Potter Puppet Pals and the mysterious ticking noise!

Hit It Gandalf

I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dumbledore and Gandalf know each other. Via.

Harry Potter and Hermione’s Stalker

Spoof trailer for the next Harry Potter film — “Harry Potter & The Outcasts of Hogwarts: Hermione’s Stalker” (possibly mildly NSFW language) Now that Hermione’s got boobs, she’s get herself a stalker and he’s one creepy git.