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Shitty Scottish Wedding

Stolid traditionalism can really lead to the shit hitting the fan. Via.

The Game That Ruins Friendships

Mario Party- the game that never ends without someone getting bitch-slapped.

Violent Kitty Is…

Violent Kitty Is?

Well, violent obviously and takes it out on a poor friendly dog.

Capoeira Kitty

Capoeira Kitty has an unusual and distinctive fighting style that is surprisingly effective, if hilarious. I think the other cat was too busy going “WTF?” in order to launch a serious attack.

Spaghetti Fight On The Subway

Another shining example of humanity as a fight breaks out on the subway over eating spaghetti.

Stupid Guy Hits Girlfriend!

The first person to call fake on this is getting hit in the balls!

Old Men Lightsaber Duel (Return Of The Geriatric)

Absolute proof that lightsabers and the Imperial March make everything awesome!

Young Chewbacca Wants to Fight

Young Chewbacca Wants to Fight

You man enough to step up?

Brawl Takes A Surprise Turn

This fist fight takes a surprise turn dirty when someone decides to introduce a weapon. Oh, and don’t forget to poke your enemy when he’s on the ground.. you know, just to be sure (NSFW language)

WTF: Russian TV Fight

I’m left wondering what the Russian for “Jerry” is and asking why the crowd aren’t chanting it!