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Biggest Waste of Education Ever?

I didn’t know Subway’s hiring standards were so high these days.

Girlfriend Works At Subway

This has to be one of the finer moments in life! I’ll have a Steak & Cheese footlong please!

Spaghetti Fight On The Subway

Another shining example of humanity as a fight breaks out on the subway over eating spaghetti.

The Mob-Fast Food Style!

Where’s Jerrod?  Cement boots, I’m thinking.

Man Makes Out With Rat

Oh, wow, WTF? This was filmed on a NYC subway and I’m still picking bits of rat fur out of my teeth after watching it.

Caught: Then I See His Penis Out!

Caught: Then I See His Penis Out!

I’m telling you, it’s just not safe to whip your penis out and rub up against random women on the New York subway anymore. Between assholes taking pictures and posting it to Youtube, and women threatening to have you arrested, you’re better off just moving to Chicago! What is the world coming too?

Revenge At The Turnstile

Revenge At The Turnstile

Dirty Bastard Moment Of The Week. This guy is trying to get out of Bogotá subway and encounters a woman who insists on coming in the turnstile he is trying to go out of. Nastiness ensues.

Don’t Forget Your Octopus

Of all the things I’d expect to need to get on the subway, an octopus is not among them. Via.

Star Wars Opening Sequence Reenacted On NY Subway

Star Wars Opening Sequence Reenacted On NY Subway

The guys and gals from Improv Everywhere are at it again, this time reenacting the first Princess Leia / Darth Vader scene from Star Wars on a New York City subway car. Watch the crowds reaction when Vader gets enters the subway car Via Urlesque.

That’s Discrimination!

I’m about 10 inches short for this job