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Jump Start Your Day

And jump start the end of your life in the process with this hand little adapter that saves you from trying to dig a fork into the socket when you’re feeling blue…

Australians Are So Silly

Australia seems to think it has a massive vehicular-suicide problem. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure most people don’t plan this sort of thing. Will you take the pledge not to die on Friday?

Suicide Deer

The truth about deer crashes..they aren’t clumsy, they’re depressed!

Suicide Watch

People in danger of committing suicide should never be alone. Always be there for them.

Hang With The In Crowd

Hey, 30622 people can’t be wrong, right? You know you want to!

Think Of The Children

Think Of The Children

It’s true that every cloud has a silver lining. Via.

Suicide Jäger Bomber

The Suicide Jäger Bomber will sacrifice his liver (and yours) for the cause. He’ll get his holy reward too by suffering from drinkers droop and being unable to get it up for his 72 virgins in heaven. Via.

How to Make Your Suicide an Epic Event!

They’ll be sad to see you go, but impressed by your uncommon exit.

Suicidal Valentine

Suicidal Valentine

Damn. Hallmark didn’t mess around in the 50′s!

Suicide Note

Some people just can’t let it be, can they? Via.