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Vintage Sex Appeal

My, how things have changed since 1937… Of course, McDonalds came along in 1940 and ripped their business model out from under them. There’s no use shutting our eyes to the fact that “sex appeal” - an attractive, well-developed figure with all it’s feminine allure - is a big contributing part to a girl’s happiness [...]

Vintage TMNT Public Service Announcement

Now people would be suing because they were promoting childhood obesity.  Ahh for the more innocent days when all we had to worry about is kids being hopped up on drugs. Now we have kids who are high AND fat.

Suicidal Valentine

Suicidal Valentine

Damn. Hallmark didn’t mess around in the 50′s!

Music For Washing And Ironing

Bonus track includes Soothing Sammich Making Song. For that hardworking lady in your life. **Eric, if you get me this for Christmas, I’ll kick your ass

Yum Yum Eat ‘em Up!

And here I thought tapeworms were something people wanted to get RID of, not encourage. Silly me.

When Current Gets Old - Vinatage Facebook Skype Youtube

Websites, services, social networks, they all have their time. We don’t know how the adverts for today’s popular sites and services will look to people in 40 or 100 years time, but we can guess how those services would have looked in ads from yesteryear Via.