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Thats What She Said

Sunday is always the best day for anal.

Almost Summer Vacation!

No one should go off to summer vacation without a nice thorough exam.

A Special Type Of Sports Bar

Looks like the kind of place you where you might want to use the back entrance so as not to be seen.

Try Something New!

Try Something New!

College is the best place to expand your horizons!

How To Confuse 100,000 Sperm

How To Confuse 100,000 Sperm

Can you imagine the confusion after anal? Via.

Most Women Prefer Dinner First

Although there is something to be said for a guy who’s so direct about what he wants…

Why Some Men Love Top Gear

Some guys like Top Gear, some guys LOVE Top Gear. Pray that your husband is not one of the latter or he could end up like Clarkson and Hammond.

By Appointment Only

By Appointment Only

I’ll pass.  Or will I fail?  No, I’ll definitely pass on this one.

How Romantic!

I’ve always been a romantic, and I can’t think of any better way to show your affection than by suggesting an anatomy widening session of love.

Google Trends

Perhaps this coincides with the release of the “Incredible Hulk”?