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9 Reasons To Drink At This Bar

9 reasons to drink at a bar? Seriously, you need nine? They had me at “drink in this bar”, but being prepared for the Zombie apocalypse is a major plus. How could you resist?

Is it 5 O’Clock Yet?

Is it 5 O'Clock Yet?

Clearly 5pm has come early for this guy. Can I join him? Come on 5 o’clock!!

$190,000 Vegas Bar Tab

Best party ever, or have club prices gotten ridiculous lately? Hope they enjoyed that Red Bull! Via.

A Special Type Of Sports Bar

Looks like the kind of place you where you might want to use the back entrance so as not to be seen.

Drunk Baby Trashes Bar

Sigh. So young and so drunk. Hilarious clip from the short movie “Las Palmas” by Johannes Nyholm.

No Shirt, No Shoes…

Women get all the perks!

Freddie’s Halloween Massacre

Freddie?s Halloween Massacre

FreddieW is back with a special Halloween treat.

Hurdles Fail

Usually I’d expect someone to trip over one of those things… not plant their face right into one!

Seriously. A Rectum Bar

Seriously. A Rectum Bar

Stop laughing. Really. Stop laughing. I’m trying to bring you some serious news here folks. The BarRectum is a bar built inside a giant anatomical model that includes everything from the tongue to the anus. Okay .. never mind continue laughing. via BarRectum 2005

Coordinated Awesome - A Friend In Need

Coordinated Awesome ? A Friend In Need

A perfect example of how telepathy could be used to save relationships…